Special Report: Kalamazoo RibFest 2010

Originally from the Kalamazoo area, we are pretty familiar with RibFest and similar events though it's been a while since we've been down "south"...like, a decade or more since (even though it's less than an hour away). Some people at work have reminded us of RibFest the last couple years but always at the last minute. This year, we planned well in advance and put it on our schedule. Saturday turned out to be the last nice day in a string of them, not too hot and just enough of a breeze to keep the humidity at bay. We drove down with friends then hit the ground running, stocking up on tickets for beer and water, then using a "divide and conquer" methodology to try 6 different rib venues. (Any more than that, and we'd explode.) Although the noise level was pretty high—including a hilarious rendition of "All Along The Watchtower" while the city siren test was in effect—our trusty Flip video Ultra HD managed to capture most of our audio, to make this a decent video-only special report...

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