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Check, Please

(Here, Now) — There comes a time, in even the most epic of multi-course meals, when you must drain the last sip of Petrus, carefully fold the linen napkin, put it back on the well-appointed table and signal for the bill. No matter how sated you might be, how scintillating the conversation was, or how many smiles were shared, there’s a little bit of sadness too. Leaving is never easy. We all want the good times to keep on rolling along. But nothing lasts forever. So it is, after five glorious years of sharing our culinary adventures, we must beg our leave...

He Fed:

It’s weird. You wake up one day and realize it’s time to do something else. The thought seems to arrive from some alien sky, unbidden but no less true. It’s only later, in quiet contemplation, the reasons simmer to the surface like olive oil and garlic in a rustic sauce you’ve been preparing all your life. Maybe it’s a change of scenery, a transition in jobs, a reminder of mortality...all ticking in unison until there’s an…

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