Na Zdorovie!

With 2011 already underway, and winter showing no signs of letting up, we got busy planning our first quarterly party. Having done a cocktail party and an outlaw dinner party in 2010, Juliet felt inspired to fashion a seasonal Russian meal. We began by infusing vodka with orange slices, whole cloves, and candied ginger. Once all guests arrived and sampled appetizers including deviled eggs, homemade dill pickles, and buttered bread with three choices of caviar, we toasted with vodka then settled to the table with glasses of sparkling wine. We began with traditional hot borscht that even non-beet lovers enjoyed. To cleanse the palate, a crispy cabbage slaw salad came next. Then Beef Stroganoff was served, both meat and vegetarian versions with sauteed mushrooms. Finally, we ended with fresh chocolate babka from Wealthy Street Bakery and some Tahitian Vanilla gelato. Special kudos go out to Ian for bringing red wine from Russia. Thanks to everyone who participated, and we hope you'll join us in April for our next quarterly get-together!

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