@GRMAGAZINE: The Beginning

(Grand Rapids, MI) — What to do when Grand Rapids Magazine contacts you, requesting an interview about your culinary adventures? You say yes! And that's just what we did; you'll find us on page 12 of the November 2011 issue...

Managing editor Marty Primeau sent us an email back in November. Would we be interested in giving an interview about HeFedSheFed.com? We deliberated a bit, pondering the consequences. Sure, it would probably lend a traffic boost to our website. It would also be a nice feather in our cap, to have a traditional media article distributed among readers who might not ordinarily run across our site.

On the flip side, the cat might be out of the bag. Presumably, since a photographer would accompany the interview, pictures of us would appear in print, alongside our names. Our anonymity would be compromised. If recognized, would restaurants turn us away?

We ultimately decided to do the interview, come what may. HeFedSheFed.com had been sharing culinary adventures for nearly two years, and it was time to take it to the next level. Since our favorite local restaurant is Reserve, we pitched the idea to meet there for our interview. Marty agreed.

On the day of the interview, we had great light spilling through the front windows of Reserve. Tori served up some delicious charcuterie and we drank Prosecco while the photographer snapped photos (thereby ensuring a swift end to Jeremy's modeling career) and Marty fired off questions, taking notes. It was fun, and over way too quickly.

Fast forward a couple months and we got notice that the November issue was available at local news stands. There we were, in all our glossy glory!

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