@PBFW: The Arrival

(Pebble Beach, CA) — Years ago, before we launched HeFedSheFed.com, we had the opportunity to attend Pebble Beach Food & Wine. That weekend certainly opened our eyes to new opportunities and experiences, and indeed probably contributed to the genesis of our website. This year we had the great fortune to attend the 5th annual event...

We arrive at the Inn at Spanish Bay on a windy, somewhat rainy Wednesday night—having driven two hours down from San Francisco airport, trying to keep our eyes open after long flight delays, and watching out for the plentiful deer scattered just off the winding roadways near the coast. Thursday dawns much warmer and less stormy than anticipated (though wind continued to be an issue until Sunday). We attend the opening reception and get to hob-nob with many a chef while sampling their culinary artform. Food, wine, and other adult libations flow in true Bacchanalian style. The celebrities are generous with their time and their craft. We sleep like babies. On Friday, we are able to attend cooking demos by Jacques and Claudine Pepin, and Michael Chiarello, plus enjoy the South by Southwest lunch, not to mention a wine dinner held in tribute to Jess Jackson. Saturday gives us a wine and chocolate demo, followed by the Grand Tasting (a giant series of circus tents filled with many, many wineries and chefs dishing up fresh creations), then finally another dinner for Best New Chefs Alumni. On Sunday, we drive back to San Francisco and take a friend's advice (hi John and Duskie!!!) for dinner at Baker & Banker. Reviews for all the meals will be up shortly, but in meantime enjoy the video!

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